What Milly Wore: to go to Argos

In american apparel, ASOS, boots, coatigan, leather jacket, Mary-Kate Olsen, monsoon, river island, what milly wore on December 3, 2009 at 9:47 pm
evenin‘ all
Well today was a bit weird, totally overslept and missed my lecture
but to make up for it I did some work, more on that later!
Well it was chilly outside this evening,
and I needed to walk to Argos to get a new tripod!
Here is what I wore:
Panda Hat: River Island
Studded Leather Jacket: Religion (trying to wear it as much as possible)
Marc Jacobs Style Bag: Market Stall
Bleached Jeans: River Island
Purple Boots: Red or Dead
Hand Warmers: New look ( a couple of years ago £1 )
Mohair Eternity Scarf: Juuls (as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen! expensive but lovely)
Underneath I Wore:
My favourite Grey Cardigan: American apparel (unisex)
Two Tone Bodycon Dress: American Apparel
And here is the lovely Mary-Kate wearing my scarf!
this pic is a good few years old but I think its my favourite of her!

and here is the work I was talking about earlier!
Here is my first Panorama!
Its only test shots, to see if i could do it, and it worked!
Quite chuffed with myself
Just finished moving rooms and got a new bed yesterday so thought I would show you guys my room!
Its not sorted/tidy, but all the furniture is in the right place now!

I love the above cardigan,
I was soooo close to ordering it, I saw a girl wearing it the other day
it looked so good,
I was having a snoop around to see if I could find it or similar,
and this is the exact one
£75 Monsoon
I ordered this one instead
I actually like the other one more,
But this one was £40 ASOS
much cheaper, and also I think the sleeves are better
why put short sleeves on a cardigan??
and I have totally and utterly failed on my not spending money on anything over £20 pounds
I was doing so well
but today Ive put in 3 orders , probably spent £200
oh deario
I’m going to have no money
So my punishment from the boy
is to not buy ANYTHING for a week,
starting tomorrow
: (

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