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Giveaway Closed – The Results are in!

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 at 10:16 pm
Hi guys,
Just to let you all know my giveaway is now closed!
It wasnt supposed to close till midnight but I wanted to draw the winners before bed!

so the results are:

Main Giveaway Winner:
(not me, another milly with a y!)

Runner Up:

give me a tweet message or email and I will pack them up and send them off!

I will deffo be having more giveaways in the future,
I loooveee random acts of kindness etc!

thanks guys



Lust After: Bunny Wrap Cardigan

In ASOS, bunny, cardigan, lust after on March 23, 2010 at 9:45 pm

so I want this cardigan sooo badly
It is Gorgeous!
I’d never seen it before this week,
but it seems I’m a little behind
ASOS had it before Christmas and it’s sold out!

Its properly amazing!
I’ve done my research and its by Fairground,
It’s called their ‘ bunny wrap cardigan’
and its £95!!
which I’m afraid is just too much for me
Especially since when ASOS had it it was £75!

As seen on Marina from Marina & the Diamonds

and the gorgeous Diana Vickers

I’m gonna have to see if i can find a cheap Japanese version on eBay

would you wear a cardigan with bunny ears on it?


My first Beauty Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

In beauty, make-up, review on March 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Hi guys,
The reason I am showing you the god awful picture above is today I’m doing my first review!
Ive never really ventured into the beauty blogging world before
so please bare with me!
I don’t know the correct terms for things,
but I can give my honest novices opinion, hopefully to help other newbies!
I bought the new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation & concealer, from boots yesterday!
I had seen it in magazines and saw the display,
I tested it on the back of my hand and thought it was worth a try.
I bought it with my points as well, so nothing to loose really!
As you can see my skin is very red,
in fact it can get 10 x as bad as the photo above
(and I am wearing a little light reflecting shimmer above
which seems to take away some of the redness)
I’m also quite pale, and I’m not really a foundation wearer
as I’ve never found anything I’m happy with.
Here is me with just the concealer and foundation on!
The products both smell really nice,
I’m generally really funny about strong smells,
but this was just pleasant and fresh, and the smell dissipated quite quickly.
Colour wise this is 51 the palest they had, its an OK match but not great
Its not pale enough and a bit too yellow/orange based
rather than pink beige.
Having said that I really like the consistency and coverage,
it was super easy so apply evenly even though I’m not used to foundation!
I used the concealer under my eyes and on my nose, underneath the foundation.
and here is my make-up complete!
I showed my sister during the process and she said with all my normal red tones taken away I looked to pale, so I applied some estee lauder shimmer powder and pout bronzer on top.
I feel i look a little too orangey for my liking,
but that’s a combo of the foundation and bronzer.
being naturally red I have never had use for a blusher, I seriously don’t own one,
so a blusher is now on my to buy list!
Overall , I really like this foundation, and I will persevere with it,
combining it with different powders etc to see if I can look less yellowy,
love the consistency and ease of application though!
Hope you found this interesting!
Any ideas on what colour / type / brand of blusher I should get??
Have you tried the new Bourjois foundation? what do you think?

and don’t forget to enter my



What Milly Wore: Erm I Didnt Actually Take a Photo!

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what I wore

I totally loved my outfit today,
but I forgot to take a picture!

So I recreated the general jist of it for you!

oooh and I am now the proud owner of a Reiss Sabina Bag!
I got one in fab condition from ebay
I love it, it’s my new baby

whats your bag of choice at the moment?

would you be interested in a whats inside my bag post?


Visual Sweets: I dont like mondays!

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New Arrival: Alice in Wonderland by Paul & Joe

In alice in wonderland, ASOS, lipstick, make-up, nude on March 10, 2010 at 9:28 pm
Hi guys!
Other than taking pictures of myself for uni
(not just for fun *cough cough*!)
I have also been waiting for an asos order
and today it arrived!
It’s the Alice in wonderland tin by Paul & Joe
I was really gutted I didn’t get my hands on an urban decay palette
so thought I would plump for this to ease my pain!
It came in a gorgeous cardboard sleeve / box
it’s quite textured and expensive feeling
and the little illustrations are so darling!
Here’s the tin itself,
It came in two colourways,
blue packaging with a peach lipstick (which is what I went for)
and pink packaging with a pink lipstick
Open it up and inside is a blotting paper holder (with mirror)
perfect for in your handbag
Blotting paper refills
and the lipstick
The tin is pretty sturdy,
and everything feel really good quality
Here’s the lipstick
I swatched it for you
and erm there was no point showing it to you!
it is so sheer there is next to no pigment at all
just a little shimmery, felt moisturising though
and here they are in my hand for size comparison!
Overall I love it!
Its worth it for the packaging alone in my book!
its well made and so so cute!
However I was considering getting both colourways
and I’m really glad I didn’t
With the lipsticks lack of pigment, almost like a lip salve,
I assume the pink would be pretty much the same
so yeah, no need to get both!
have you considered buying it?
or do you have the urban decay palette?
(if you do I’m jealous!)

Visual Sweets: Just Another Manic Monday

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New Arrival: Nail Varnish, Nudes and Nylons!

In alice in wonderland, chanel, make-up, nail varnish, new arrival, new look, nude, o.p.i, skull, tights, topshop on March 7, 2010 at 6:42 pm
ello tink
how are we all this fine Sunday??
Thought I would show you guys some recent purchases of mine!
Went on a little O.P.I kick!
found a really good store on ebay
I bought L to R:
Tickle my Francey
My Private Jet
Absolutely Alice
Mad as a Hatter
Rapidry Topcoat
I larf them all,
I especially am in love with mad as a hatter
my god its the glitteriest thing I have ever seen
however it was a NIGHTMARE to get off
Nail varnish remover didn’t do a lot,
so I resorted to picking it off
and it took half the top layer of my nails with it!
So now they are all uneven and bumpy 😦
thought I would show you how I store my polishes
I know its not the most organised of collections,
but I love my paul frank pouch and had to put it to use!
Talking of nail varnish,
when looking through my mothers nail polish box I found these
and she hardly ever wears nail varnish,
and I’m sure I haven’t seen her wear these colours even though they are pretty old
So I have borrowed them 🙂
and I cant believe I forgot to take a picture
I love it,
I know I’m buying into all the hype
but its such a nice colour
I was on a waiting list for a few weeks from my local Chanel counter
and she phoned me and I went and got it!
I got a little white Chanel paper bag too,
I had a perma-smile for about 2 days!
anyway back to my new arrivals
I got this trompe l’oeil inspired dress from oasis
Its soo cute,
very comfy and easy to wear
I bought it in black with a white print as well!
I got this over sized jumper from New Look
I love its fairytale theme,
and of course nude colouring again!
It even has pearls sewn onto the frame!
I also bought it in grey,
Its over sized so I bought the size down,
Its also slightly cropped
last but not least
I bought these skirts from topshop
I bought the green one first and then went back for the black and grey/lilac
they are made from nylon and elastane
they are almost like thick tights material!
the come in one size,
and they are amazingly stretchy,
they are a really versatile design, you can wear them as a high waisted skirt, t-shirt tucked in
pull them down for a knee length pencil
or ruche it up for a mini!

phew that’s it for now guys,
don’t forget to scroll down and enter my 50 followers giveaway!

Lust after: Alexander or Alexa – Battle of the Bags

In alexa chung, alexander wang, bag, handbag, leather, lust after, studds on March 6, 2010 at 8:38 pm

So I want a Designer bag!
I really really want a designer bag,
so I’m going to try and save up,
but which one to choose??

I think a mulberry alexa would be A-Maz-ing
So old school classic, yet modern and chic
I love it, but I’m not sure it’s edgy enough

On the other hand
I would give my right arm for an Alexander Wang coco Duffel!
Sooo edgy and biker babe,
I really wanna be an Olsen!

But is it too edgy,
When I’m thirty will I wish I’d bought something more timeless??
Its damn sexy though

and Ever since a girl came into the shop wearing this bag
I cant stop thinking about it
by the time I found out what it was… it was sold out!

I think I’m going to try and get my sticky mitts on this one first


whats your dream bag?

(p.s don’t forget to enter my 50 followers competition!)


50 followers Giveaway!

In competition, giveaway on March 2, 2010 at 12:43 pm

It’s finally competition time!
so today I reached 50 followers,
and as a reward for all your support I’m having a give away!
Green Apple Shaped Across Body Bag by Topshop
(it even has a little leaf for the zip!)
OPI french Bordeaux Nail Varnish
Nails Inc Tate Nail Varnish
Mini Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
OPI Papaya Massaging Skin Lotion
Jelly pong Pong Chic Shine in I’m in love
If I get a lot of entries I may add more prizes at a later date!
To enter, reply to this post saying: Enter Me!
You must be a follower
One Entry per person
You can enter the giveaway wherever you are from, its international reader friendly!
Any entries I deem to be ungenuine or spam, I will discount
Winner will be chosen at random
Competition closes on Monday the 29th of March at Midnight
Hope I’ve Covered everything
Of course I would love it if you could tweet about my giveaway
or post it on your blog,
or just tell friends!
Thanks Guys!