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One Pink Haired Blogger – M.I.A

In bag, handbag, marc jacobs, opi on April 30, 2010 at 8:04 am
Good morning loyal followers
Have you noticed I haven’t been around?
Probably not :p
But in case your wondering its that kind of time again at uni
hand in time
so normal blogging will resume in 2 weeks time!
Until then I might make the odd post!
Ive bought so much stuff recently, cant wait to show you all
Including 6 OPI nail polishes
and a designer handbag!
Yum Yum, its not arrived yet but I’m too excited!
Marc Jacobs Baby!

Lust After: More News on Topshops Make-up Launch

In lust after, make-up, topshop on April 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm
Hello lovely readers,
As you may already know
I’m super excited about the upcoming launch of topshops new make-up range,
I found two articles this week that have wet my appetite even more!
Firstly here are some scans from this months Elle:
 Click to make them bigger!
Also this page from Grazia!
 So yeah,
even more exciting now
packaging looks cute, if a little cheap,
and as they are pretty trend focused, 
I’m hoping for some unique up to date products!
Prices dont look too bad either!
what do you guys think??

Visual Sweets: My photography from the Past and Present!

In colour, fashion, photography, portrait, visual sweets on April 18, 2010 at 9:25 am

Just thought I would show you my work,
this is literally almost everything!
Hope you enjoyed looking
all images copyright to me!
which is your favourite??

Visual Sweets: Monday Magic

In colour, fashion, photography, portrait, visual sweets, watch on April 12, 2010 at 9:50 am
Before the visual sweets.
PLEASE if you can
 vote for my Watch design here
you have to sign up,
 but you wont get any nasties
And I might win a box of 12 watches,
and they randomly select voters to win watches too!

Lust After: Topshops New Make-Up Line!

In lust after, make-up, topshop on April 10, 2010 at 7:18 pm
Hey girlies
Just heard through topshops official blog, and a few others I read
that Topshop are launching their new cosmetic range in May!
I don’t know about you but I’m super excited!

As far as I can tell it will be made up of two lines
your make-up essentials, and your on-trend items!

Its been made with the help of make-up artist Hannah Murray
and is supposed to include ‘innovative products and colour ways’

I hope its as good as I’m imagining,
reading what they have said about it
it sounds like they have put a lot of effort into getting the formulations right!
which is crucial,
you can have all the innovation and colour you like
but if its hard to apply, streaky or chalky then it doesn’t matter!

I’m looking forward to it!

what are your thoughts?
cant wait to try?
or over the hype already?


What Milly Wore: Russian Velvet!

In alexander wang, boots, leather, leggings, office, studds, topshop, velvet, what milly wore on April 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Hello dear followers of mine!
I haven’t done a what I wore post in ages,
so here’s what I wore today!

Grey Hair Bow: H&M Kids
Brown Sunglasses: New Look, 2 years ago

Russian Velvet Military Jacket: Katie Moss @ Topshop
RRP £120 I got mine on EBay for £35 after seeing it in Jonathan creek lol

Hot Air Balloon Necklace: ASOS sale this week £6 ish
Studded Top: River Island last season £15
Denim Skirt: New Look Sale £6
Trusty Ski Pant Leggings: Topshop
Burgundy Leather Boots : Office 2 years ago £90
Black Studded Bag: non branded ( its an amazing Wang-a-like though) EBay

Just thought I would show you the back of the jacket too
Its so yummy
and perfect for this time of year!
and I’m determined to wear boots for as long as possible
because I have so many nice pairs!


New Arrival: Mac Haulidge! + NOTD

In haul, mac, make-up, new arrival, notd on April 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm
Good evening ladies!
I’m going to start by showing you my first ever nail of the day!
It’s Nude Beige by models own, and I love it!
I quite like the mannequin hand look, and I’m loving concealer lip too lol!
Models own polishes tend to be really good, they hardly ever chip on me,
will deffo be going back for more!
Oh and the reason I’ve never done a NOTD before,
is because I have pretty diddy stumpy nails, and child hands!
Done even get me started on my thumb nails!
Onto the Haul!
(pic heavy)
This is the order that greeted me today!
I found it so hard to choose what to get!
In the end I chose the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl,
I bought it to use as a blusher cos I’m pretty pale
The packaging is just too cute!
Its a lovely colour peachy and shimmery,
although I’m super red anyway, I’ve recently started to wear foundation
which just washes me out completely
So this should give me a bit of colour back!
As me and some of the girlies discusses in the comments of my foundation review!
I also got a lipstick in Blooming Lovely
Its a yummy mauvey colour,
a bit gagaesque!
It looks quite a bit lighter than this in R.L
Aswell as the lipstick and the face powder
I bought 2 of the Pearkglide eyeliners
and one Greasepaint stick
This is A Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline
Its black with a old gold shimmer, totally unique
I also got a pearlglide eyeliner in Industrial!
which is seriouslt the most amazing colour ever!
so hard to describe
uber shimmery teal blue,
kinda fairy like!
The swatches on temptalia show these tons better!
Last But not least
I got a Greasepaint Stick in Dirty
which is a brown taupe, with a stunning multicoloured shimmer!
phew that was a lot!
Here are my swatches,
I tried my best
Top is with flash,
bottom with natural light!
I love everything I bought
wish I would have bought some lip markers too
but not enough funds!
do you own anything from these collections??
what do you think of the mannequin hands look??
and do you know anyone with funny thumbs like me?
I’m thinking of starting a support group 😛

Fashion Fix: One to Watch

In bow, chanel, fashion fix, marc jacobs, watch on April 4, 2010 at 9:18 pm
Good evening!
How are we all this fine Easter Sunday?
So today I’m doing a post I’ve been wanting to do for a while
I just love watches,
I know some people just have 1 or 2
but to me they are just another accessory!
First up are these three,
they are my everyday safe watches
L to R
Brown leather watch by Fossil: £60
bought for me by my mum for my 18th
used to wear it every day but now I find it boring
White watch with coloured numbers by Avis: £25
Love this one, bought on a whim because it was quite cheap
very late 80’s early 90’s
Watch with a mother of pearl face and zebra print strap by Gossip: £25
I ordered this one off QVC
I wanted to love it, but the strap is really stiff which puts me off wearing it
These are my favourite watches
L to R
White bow bangle watch by Betsey Johnson £50
this is seriously cute,
Its very feminine and pretty great to wear when going out
the only thing is the bangle doesn’t have a catch on it
so it just comes off when pulled
the little diamond in the middle comes up to reveal the face
Next is my favourite watch of all time
My Black patent leather Marc Jacobs guitar watch: £150
The first designer item I have ever owned
I bought it after seeing it on MaryKate Olsen
a bit more expensive than all the others
but totally worth it
people comment on it all the time
and it helps me channel my inner rock chick!
and on the right
My Black and Pink Retro LTD Digital watch: £50
My boyfriend got me this for my 21st!
I love the colours, its soo 80’s!
It matches my hair
and I love the fact its digital
as truth be told I’m not actually that good at reading the time!
and lastly
In the middle my Red and Yellow LTD Watch: £50
It reminds me of Lego and McDonald’s!
super kitsch, and it makes a plain outfit pop
this was me trying to stop myself buying a more expensive ToyWatch
like these:
and it kinda worked, I’m perfectly happy with this one!
on the left and right
my Sekonda black and white Chanel J12 lookalikies : 2 for £30 or £20 each
I bought these this week
which is what prompted me to do the post
I love them so classic!
they fit in with the ceramic / plastic trend
but go with everything
and Hell they look like Chanel!
how many watches do you own?
do you think of them as an accessory?
Hope you enjoyed!

New Arrival: OCC Lip Tars

In make-up, new arrival, review on April 1, 2010 at 9:41 pm
So I Know I’m a little late to catch on
but today I got my hands on some Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics

I bought 4 colours,
from top to bottom:

and I tell you what,
I want more already!

I’m not a lip gloss person
I wear lipstick quite a lot,
but these are like liquid lipstick!

I didn’t want to waste all the colours on my hand
as I know that go really far
so here are them all mixed together!

I love all the colours I bought,
and am now looking to get a more lilacy colour and a pale pink!

I will deffo be going back for more!