Lust After: More News on Topshops Make-up Launch

In lust after, make-up, topshop on April 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm
Hello lovely readers,
As you may already know
I’m super excited about the upcoming launch of topshops new make-up range,
I found two articles this week that have wet my appetite even more!
Firstly here are some scans from this months Elle:
 Click to make them bigger!
Also this page from Grazia!
 So yeah,
even more exciting now
packaging looks cute, if a little cheap,
and as they are pretty trend focused, 
I’m hoping for some unique up to date products!
Prices dont look too bad either!
what do you guys think??
  1. To be honest, I'm surprised topshop haven't pursed the make up line venture before! However, perhaps they have had this in devleopment for a while, which (I hope) would equate to some decent products. I quite like the packaging, and prices seem reasonable. It's certainly something I will be checking out when the range launches :-)Cheers for the promo images!xx

  2. Looking forward to this but i really hope they do some exciting colours!

  3. Interesting, do they test on animals at all do you know? Would be interesting to find out 🙂 xxx

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