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What Milly Wore: Day 3 Milly In Wonderland!

In ASOS, bag, brogue, denim, floral, HandM, mac, necklace, polka-dot, tkmaxx, topshop, what milly wore on August 18, 2010 at 7:36 pm
Today I was feeling quite girly, and it was raining
so ended up with this weird, pattern clash alice in wonderland thing going on!
I Wore:
Grey T-shirt: H&M
White Hair Bow: H&M Kids
Denim Dress: Topshop Sale £15
Checkered Mac: ASOS Sale £20
Floral Leggings: Topshop Sale £6
Spotted Bag: £19.99 TKMAXX (very cath kidston)
Magnifying Glass Necklace: Elsiebelle
White Brogues: Topshop Sale £5
Thanks for all your lovely comments guys
I really appreciate them all!
See you with another outfit tomorrow!

What Milly Wore: Day 1 Little Black Maxi & Angel Jackson Pics!

In alexander wang, angel jackson, ASOS, bag, chanel, Disney couture, leather, leopard, maxi dress, new look, office, topshop, what milly wore on August 16, 2010 at 5:23 pm
I have a week off work so am attempting to do 7 days of WMW posts!
Ok So I really loved today’s outfit,
I don’t feel that it came across as well in pictures but oh well!
I wore:
Black Maxi Dress: Topshop Sale (this season) £15
Thin Leopard Belt: ASOS Sale £2
Black T-shirt ( underneath ) : New Look
Sunglasses: New Look
(I am also wearing Chanel Paradoxal but you cant really see!)
Treasure Chest Necklace: Disney Couture
Gold Sandals: Office
Wang A Like Bag: ASOS Sale ( this season) £36
The bag only came this morning and I love it SO much!
Also this week I got a lovely email of the people at  my favourite handbag designers Angel Jackson
kindly letting me know about their new AW press shots, because they thought I might be interested!
and they weren’t wrong,
I love them
How amazing do they look!
I best start saving now!
have a lovely week,
hopefully see you tomorrow with another outfit!

What Milly Wore: Reliving my youth

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Hi guys,
I have had a few requests for pics of my hair so here they are
Please excuse my redfacedness!
this is my natural complexion without make-up!
But yeah, I love my new hair colour
much more subtle and unique than all out highlighter pink
It reminds me of my little pony or unicorns!
I just wish it was much longer and wavier!
For upkeep I’m using a purple toner to keep it as pale and white blonde / pink as possible,
 rather than yellowy peachy pink
( tehee you can see the boy in my sunglasses)
Today I wore:
Floral Playsuit/Romper: £20 Miss Selfridge Sale (this season)
Livin in the 80’s My little Pony T-shirt (underneath): Doe @ Urban Outfitters
Grey Leggings: French Connection
Metallic Pewter Bag: Topshop
Avitors (actually the boys) : 25p New Look sale!!!
( nose cushions missing but we just bought some new ones for a pound!)
Grey Measuring Tape Detail Ballet Pumps: Office Sale
I had to shorten the straps on my playsuit by a considerable amount
as it was far to long in the body!
I got nifty with my sewing machine and got rid of the bottom half of the straps
making it into a V rather than an X
so now it looks like this 
Here is the back of my romper, and what it looks like now!
looking at this pic made me realise just how short and tubby I am
like a munchkin!
I’m quite pleased with the little sewing job I did there,
I don’t think it looks altered at all which is good!
Working full time again next week so not so many pretty outfits!
do you ever alter your clothes?
had any disasters??
hope you’ve had a great weekend

One Pink Haired Blogger – M.I.A

In bag, handbag, marc jacobs, opi on April 30, 2010 at 8:04 am
Good morning loyal followers
Have you noticed I haven’t been around?
Probably not :p
But in case your wondering its that kind of time again at uni
hand in time
so normal blogging will resume in 2 weeks time!
Until then I might make the odd post!
Ive bought so much stuff recently, cant wait to show you all
Including 6 OPI nail polishes
and a designer handbag!
Yum Yum, its not arrived yet but I’m too excited!
Marc Jacobs Baby!

What Milly Wore: Erm I Didnt Actually Take a Photo!

In bag, nail varnish, reiss, skull, snood, topshop, what milly wore on March 17, 2010 at 10:40 pm
what I wore

I totally loved my outfit today,
but I forgot to take a picture!

So I recreated the general jist of it for you!

oooh and I am now the proud owner of a Reiss Sabina Bag!
I got one in fab condition from ebay
I love it, it’s my new baby

whats your bag of choice at the moment?

would you be interested in a whats inside my bag post?


Lust after: Alexander or Alexa – Battle of the Bags

In alexa chung, alexander wang, bag, handbag, leather, lust after, studds on March 6, 2010 at 8:38 pm

So I want a Designer bag!
I really really want a designer bag,
so I’m going to try and save up,
but which one to choose??

I think a mulberry alexa would be A-Maz-ing
So old school classic, yet modern and chic
I love it, but I’m not sure it’s edgy enough

On the other hand
I would give my right arm for an Alexander Wang coco Duffel!
Sooo edgy and biker babe,
I really wanna be an Olsen!

But is it too edgy,
When I’m thirty will I wish I’d bought something more timeless??
Its damn sexy though

and Ever since a girl came into the shop wearing this bag
I cant stop thinking about it
by the time I found out what it was… it was sold out!

I think I’m going to try and get my sticky mitts on this one first


whats your dream bag?

(p.s don’t forget to enter my 50 followers competition!)


What Milly Wore: Snood Monday

In all saints, angel jackson, ASOS, bag, cardigan, dress, handbag, knitted, leather, leggings, office, what milly wore on January 26, 2010 at 11:04 pm

Good evening dear readers!
Here is what I wore yesterday,
It was super cold, and I was just trying to wear something a little different!

I wore:
Knitted Circle Scarf: Hand Knitted Things (worn as a snood)
Tweedy Coat: Marks and Spencers 3 years ago, its getting a little tight now 😦
Black and White Arm Warmers: River Island
Black Quilted Luxor Tote: Angel Jackson
Its RRP is £270 but i paid alot less on ebay, as seen on Lady GaGa
Black Fur lined Pixie Boots: Office, just ordered the same ones in brown

Underneath I Wore:
Galaxy Print Cardi: ASOS
Jean Print Leggings: Missguided
Dresden Dress: Allsaints
lovely dress but super hard to put on / wear,
you just cant tell which way round it goes!
(its supposed to be multi way, but its just kinda strange)
Plain Black Tee: New Look

and no make-up,
I’m really suffering with being super red at the moment
so I really like to wear foundation, but I have to give my skin time off
or it just gets even redder!



Fashion Fix: new Topshop Order

In bag, fashion fix, handbag, leather, leggings, motel, topshop, velvet on November 16, 2009 at 3:12 pm
Topshop Order

Hi guys,
I’m full of cold, so off uni
I decided to use my time constructivly,
By shopping online of course!

Here are a few bits I ordered from topshop
its a gift from my mum as she owes me some money YAY

Multi-Coloured Wolf Dress: Motel @ Topshop £30
Black Lurex Pocket Cardigan: Topshop £28
Studded Leather Duffle: Topshop £40
Velvet Leggings: Topshop £22

I tried to order those gloves…. in any of the many colours
But thery only had M/L left in all of them
and I have tiny hands
So oh well!

What have you guys bought recently??


Lust After: 21st Birthday

In ASOS, bag, leather, leather jacket, lust after, religion, river island, studded, topshop, worker boots on November 7, 2009 at 10:09 pm
So, it’s my birthday at the end of November,
I thought I would show you guys what I would love to receive in a dream world!
Lovely Leather Pouch / Duffle Bag
£40.00 Topshop
Black Leather Belt
£19.99 River Island
Worker Boots
£74.99 River Island
( O.K so I don’t need anymore worker boots, but I can dream cant I!)
Studded Leather Jacket
£200 Religion @ ASOS (reduced from £250)
Stag Skull Necklace
£21.00 Galibardy
LTD Watch
£49.00 ASOS or ShadeStation
( I love LTD, classic Watches with a twist, Like ToyWatch but cheaper)
Grey Suede Boots
£34.99 River Island
(I love them in black as well, but I’ve got a few black pairs, great price too!)
Black Studded Leather Jacket
£395 All Saints
and who said material things can’t make you happy!

Fashion Fix: City Brogue Look

In bag, brogue, chanel, city, fashion fix, handbag, leather jacket, lumberjack shirt, quilted, religion, topshop on October 25, 2009 at 2:05 pm
Brogue Look

Im really into brogues right at this minute!
I bought some plain white brogues from topshop in the sale last week for £10!!
And I’m waiting for some black and white brogues from office to arrive soon!
So here is how I will wear mine!
Not with these exact items, but pretty close
REALLY lusting after that religion leather jacket though!
And sorry to include the Jessica Kagan Cushman bagle, but I couldn’t help myself!