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One Pink Haired Blogger – M.I.A

In bag, handbag, marc jacobs, opi on April 30, 2010 at 8:04 am
Good morning loyal followers
Have you noticed I haven’t been around?
Probably not :p
But in case your wondering its that kind of time again at uni
hand in time
so normal blogging will resume in 2 weeks time!
Until then I might make the odd post!
Ive bought so much stuff recently, cant wait to show you all
Including 6 OPI nail polishes
and a designer handbag!
Yum Yum, its not arrived yet but I’m too excited!
Marc Jacobs Baby!

Lust after: Alexander or Alexa – Battle of the Bags

In alexa chung, alexander wang, bag, handbag, leather, lust after, studds on March 6, 2010 at 8:38 pm

So I want a Designer bag!
I really really want a designer bag,
so I’m going to try and save up,
but which one to choose??

I think a mulberry alexa would be A-Maz-ing
So old school classic, yet modern and chic
I love it, but I’m not sure it’s edgy enough

On the other hand
I would give my right arm for an Alexander Wang coco Duffel!
Sooo edgy and biker babe,
I really wanna be an Olsen!

But is it too edgy,
When I’m thirty will I wish I’d bought something more timeless??
Its damn sexy though

and Ever since a girl came into the shop wearing this bag
I cant stop thinking about it
by the time I found out what it was… it was sold out!

I think I’m going to try and get my sticky mitts on this one first


whats your dream bag?

(p.s don’t forget to enter my 50 followers competition!)


What Milly Wore: Snood Monday

In all saints, angel jackson, ASOS, bag, cardigan, dress, handbag, knitted, leather, leggings, office, what milly wore on January 26, 2010 at 11:04 pm

Good evening dear readers!
Here is what I wore yesterday,
It was super cold, and I was just trying to wear something a little different!

I wore:
Knitted Circle Scarf: Hand Knitted Things (worn as a snood)
Tweedy Coat: Marks and Spencers 3 years ago, its getting a little tight now 😦
Black and White Arm Warmers: River Island
Black Quilted Luxor Tote: Angel Jackson
Its RRP is £270 but i paid alot less on ebay, as seen on Lady GaGa
Black Fur lined Pixie Boots: Office, just ordered the same ones in brown

Underneath I Wore:
Galaxy Print Cardi: ASOS
Jean Print Leggings: Missguided
Dresden Dress: Allsaints
lovely dress but super hard to put on / wear,
you just cant tell which way round it goes!
(its supposed to be multi way, but its just kinda strange)
Plain Black Tee: New Look

and no make-up,
I’m really suffering with being super red at the moment
so I really like to wear foundation, but I have to give my skin time off
or it just gets even redder!



Fashion Fix: new Topshop Order

In bag, fashion fix, handbag, leather, leggings, motel, topshop, velvet on November 16, 2009 at 3:12 pm
Topshop Order

Hi guys,
I’m full of cold, so off uni
I decided to use my time constructivly,
By shopping online of course!

Here are a few bits I ordered from topshop
its a gift from my mum as she owes me some money YAY

Multi-Coloured Wolf Dress: Motel @ Topshop £30
Black Lurex Pocket Cardigan: Topshop £28
Studded Leather Duffle: Topshop £40
Velvet Leggings: Topshop £22

I tried to order those gloves…. in any of the many colours
But thery only had M/L left in all of them
and I have tiny hands
So oh well!

What have you guys bought recently??


Fashion Fix: City Brogue Look

In bag, brogue, chanel, city, fashion fix, handbag, leather jacket, lumberjack shirt, quilted, religion, topshop on October 25, 2009 at 2:05 pm
Brogue Look

Im really into brogues right at this minute!
I bought some plain white brogues from topshop in the sale last week for £10!!
And I’m waiting for some black and white brogues from office to arrive soon!
So here is how I will wear mine!
Not with these exact items, but pretty close
REALLY lusting after that religion leather jacket though!
And sorry to include the Jessica Kagan Cushman bagle, but I couldn’t help myself!

What Milly Wore: This Week

In angel jackson, ASOS, bag, cardigan, handbag, hello kitty, leggings, new look, playsuit, tarina tarantino, topshop, what milly wore, worker boots on September 20, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Hello lovers,
Ive been a bit tardy with my What I Wores this week
So I though I’d do one long post…. again!

Beginning of the week:
Black lace insert top: Topshop
Plain white t-shirt underneath: New Look (probably!)
Leopard print geometric necklace: Asos, a couple of years ago about £2
Bog Standard Jeans: New Look
Cute Brown Buckle Shoes: Blowfish (in the sale at office)
Black Biker Bag: Angel Jackson

At some point in the middle of the week:
Cameo Necklace: Tarina Tarantino
Denim Pinafore Dress: New look (sale)
Galaxy print waterfall cardigan: ASOS (love it, so comfy and versatile)
Black Bleach Leggings : New Look
Black Biker Bag: Angel Jackson
Studded Worker Boots: Asos

I love these boots, uber comfy and practical, and I just love the stud detailing
Had a bit of trouble getting them
first of all they were too big, and when I got the right size they had a stud missing
but asos were really good at sorting it all out for me

Floral Playsuit: Topshop (sale £20)
Purple/Blue Leopard print cardigan: H&M (kinda tinkywinky coloured)
Stirrup leggings: Topshop (my absolute fave, have two pairs)
Quilted leather Hello Kitty Bag: Victoria Couture (sale on reduced from £150!)
Italian Blue Leather Flat Slingbacks: My Work (sale £9.99 from £59.99)

I think its been quite a good week of outfits if I do say so myself



Lust After: Leather & Studs

In bag, bally, Black, chanel, chloe, cream, handbag, leather, lust after, studded, topshop on September 11, 2009 at 10:29 pm
cream and black studds

Items in this set:
Stud Leather Jacket, £160 Topshop
Black Spray on Jamie Jeans, £40 Topshop
See by Chloe Studded leather ankle boots, £300 net-a-porter
BALLY – STUDDED TOP HANDLE, £1350 (ridiculously expensive, but AMAZING)
Patrizia Pepe | Patrizia Pepe Studded Leather Gloves at ASOS, £146
Bangle: ‘Ripped off by chanel’ by Jessica Kagan Cushman £99

Loving Black and Cream at the moment,
Combine it with Leather & studs and bobs your uncle,
My lust after for this week!


What Milly Wore: Tuesday night, pizza night!

In angel jackson, bag, brogue, handbag, humphries, leather, leggings, river island, scarf, what milly wore on September 9, 2009 at 1:15 pm

So this is what I wore Yesterday,
To go to the boys house for pizza!

Amazing silky raw edge scarf: River Island
Navy Shirt Dress: River Island (bought it in white as well)
Black leather biker bag: Angel Jackson
Blue Black bleached effect leggings: New Look
Tan Heeled Brogues: Manas (Italian leather from my work! In the sale for £19.99 from £85)

isn’t the scarf yummy??
Its massive, red, cream and blue, with a photographic feathery tribe and chain print.

And those shoes were bargainous, and super comfy
The laces make them stay on well
very granny chic!


What Milly Wore: Trying out new clothes!

In angel jackson, ash, bag, converse, handbag, leather, lumberjack shirt, river island, tkmaxx, topshop, what milly wore on September 6, 2009 at 10:05 pm

This is Sundays what I wore post
Fancied trying out some of my new bits and pieces,
this is kinda my worker boots outfit,
without the worker boots!

Yellow and black lumberjack shirt: H&M (lovely, cosy and lined)
Aztec print t-shirt: Topshop (sale)
Bleached skinny jeans: River Island ( have an amazing studded skull on the pocket)
Leather Converse style hi-tops: Ash (worth £125, bought from tkmaxx for £25)
Biker Bag: Angel Jackson (£180)

Ahh couldn’t wait to use this bag,
you may notice it is the exact bag from my blog header!
I’ve been lusting after it for ages
you may also notice from a couple of posts back that I already own it in black
but the black one was second hand off eBay
So it wasn’t quite the same as buying a brand new designer bag for real!

Saved up for a little while,
found there was 30% off on their website!
Just couldn’t resist,
Also got my mum to order me another Angel Jackson bag for my birthday!
(its ages away but couldn’t miss the 30% off)
And I got a free wallet worth £100

Might have to do a dedicated Angel Jackson post soon!

These are my new leather Hi-tops by ASH
I’ve loved their trainers for ages,
but always thought they were a bit overpriced,
When I found these in tkmaxx, I couldnt believe it!
They only had size 4, and I’m a 4.5 so usually end up with a 5
so I wasn’t hopefull, but I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly!

I was so excited I bought two more pairs, satin low tops in red and in yellow!
Not sure whether to crystal them, keep them or sell them yet!

Last but not least
Here is a picture of my foot next to the boys!
it made me chuckle, I’m a 4.5 and he’s an 11!
Im 5ft2 and he’s 6ft!

yay little and large!

night night!


New Arrival: Muchos Bags

In angel jackson, bag, chanel, handbag, leather, new arrival, quilted, topshop on August 17, 2009 at 8:31 pm
Here are some new arrivals I have acquired over the last week or two!

Yummy Purple Faux Leather Bag
Great size, amazing colour
Topshop sale £20 ish

lovely and quilted
Chanel stylee!

Quilted + Floral = OMG
Love this little across body bag
Chain strap, very Chanel

Topshop Sale again! £16 ish

Last but not least
I now own a real live Angel Jackson Biker Bag!
I have been lusting after one of these for ages
and one came up on EBay and I just had to grab the chance


My first ever Designer Bag

Made out of a Vintage leather jacket,
Its so luxurious!

£90 Ebay
RRP between £180-£260

I already want another one
probably the green,
Might ask for it for my birthday, as their website currently has 30%off!