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What Milly Wore: Days 4, 5 & 6

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Good afternoon dear readers of mine
Coming up is a bumper post of outfits I’ve worn for days 4, 5 and 6!
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take pictures on days 4 and 5
so I lovingly recreated them this morning!

On Day 4 I Wore:
Grey Horseshoe T-shirt: Vero Moda @ ASOS (Sale)
Spotty Bag: River Island
Owl Necklace: Primark
Jeggings Skirt: New Look £5
Leggings: Topshop

Tan Cloggs: Clarks Sale £29.99

Day 5 I Wore:
Custom Printed Pirate Ship Hoody: Queen of Hearts Apparel on Etsy!
Denim Pinafore dress: Topshop Sale
Leopard Print Scarf: Ebay
Leggings: Topshop
Brown  Leather Worker Boots: River Island
Studded Bag: Topshop
Kinda a reworking on THIS outfit from October Last Year
On Day 6 (Today) I am Wearing:
 Pyrple Leather Jacket: Topshop (ebay)
Black Cobweb Snood: Topshop (sale)
Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Outfitters

Grey Deer Vest: Oasis @ ASOS (sale)
Mauve Stretchy Bodycon Skirt: Topshop £25
Leggings: Topshop
Studded Worker Boots: £75 ASOS!
Wow that took forever but I’m glad I made the effort!
What do you think of my make-up today??
Made an extra effort following a smokey eye tutorial, 
don’t think it came out too bad really!
Have an amazing weekend!
unfortunately after tomorrows wmw,
its back to posting once or twice a week as I’m back at work full time
But I hope you’ve enjoyed the increase in posts for this week!

What Milly Wore: Peter-Pan Collars and Candy Floss Hair

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Good evening!
and how are we all today?
good, then I’ll begin!
Here is an outfit I wore near the end of last week!
Victoriana Leather Jacket: Kate Moss @ Topshop £75 sale rrp £175
Peter Pan Collar tunic dress: Topshop £28 This season
As seen on Hannah and llymlrs
Dark Skinny ish Jeans: New Look
Skull Necklace: Mawi @ Cocosa £49 rrp £99
Brown Satchel: Vintage
Italian Heeled Brogues: Lea Foscatti from my work reduced to £9.99 from £75
Excuse the weird poses, 
no idea why I thought that looked good!
Today way my day off work yyyaayy
I bleached my hair loads to get it a really pale pastel pink
and it kinda worked for once!
I’m quite chuffed with the results!
what do you think??
Here is what I wore:
Necklace: Mawi for ASOS £10 Sale
Lace Insert Top: Topshop
White T-shirt: New Look
Black Leather Biker Bag: Angel Jackson
Striped Jersey Skirt: Miss Selfridge Sale ( this season )
Grey Leggings: French Connection
Studded worker boots: ASOS last year £80
In other news Topshop have added quite a bit to their online sale
I put a big ish order in yesterday including these two items
Both of which I was super excited about
(I mean come on, pastel American flag jeans YES PLEASE)
both of which I will never own because I just got my dispatch email
and both of them are out of stock and not winging their way to my house
I will show you what else  I am actually getting in another post!
have a lovely weekend!

What Milly Wore: Yesterday, day of doing nothing!

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Hello ladies,
Here’s what I wore yesterday
I’m still trying to wear this leather jacket as much as possible as I paid so much for it!

Studded Leather Jacket: Religion @ASOS
Scarf: Vintage
Skinny Jeans: ASOS
Studded Boots: ASOS
Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Outfitters

Cardigan: Motel
Horse t-shirt: Urban Outfitters

I actually really loved this outfit
Really comfy, not particularly glam,
but not manky either!

I’m really loving Glee right now!


What Milly Wore: Cold yet Productive Day

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I’ve managed to get loads done today,
well done me
*pats self on back*

This is what I wore:

Studded Leather Jacket: Religion @ ASOS £175 (sale)
Fairisle Mittens/Wrist Warmers: Maniyak @ ASOS £9.50 (sale)
Blanket Wrap Cardigan: ASOS £40 ( it arrived and I loved it, soo versatile)
Jeggins: New Look
Black Suede Fuzzy Lined Boots: Office

Underneath I wore:
Stag Print T-shirt Dress: Orion @ASOS £24 (sale)

Black Leather Bag: Tabitha (from TKMaxx) £49!! bought with birthday money

Guess who has a bag very similar to mine:

Fearne Cottons bag is also by Tabitha
with the same tabbed pattern but with a more patent finish
and different handles
The stardust Bag a la Fearne is £250

also, fab new arrival today,
which If you look closely I am wearing in the photo
But i want to do one big post on it, so you shall have to wait!


What Milly Wore: to go to Argos

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evenin‘ all
Well today was a bit weird, totally overslept and missed my lecture
but to make up for it I did some work, more on that later!
Well it was chilly outside this evening,
and I needed to walk to Argos to get a new tripod!
Here is what I wore:
Panda Hat: River Island
Studded Leather Jacket: Religion (trying to wear it as much as possible)
Marc Jacobs Style Bag: Market Stall
Bleached Jeans: River Island
Purple Boots: Red or Dead
Hand Warmers: New look ( a couple of years ago £1 )
Mohair Eternity Scarf: Juuls (as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen! expensive but lovely)
Underneath I Wore:
My favourite Grey Cardigan: American apparel (unisex)
Two Tone Bodycon Dress: American Apparel
And here is the lovely Mary-Kate wearing my scarf!
this pic is a good few years old but I think its my favourite of her!

and here is the work I was talking about earlier!
Here is my first Panorama!
Its only test shots, to see if i could do it, and it worked!
Quite chuffed with myself
Just finished moving rooms and got a new bed yesterday so thought I would show you guys my room!
Its not sorted/tidy, but all the furniture is in the right place now!

I love the above cardigan,
I was soooo close to ordering it, I saw a girl wearing it the other day
it looked so good,
I was having a snoop around to see if I could find it or similar,
and this is the exact one
£75 Monsoon
I ordered this one instead
I actually like the other one more,
But this one was £40 ASOS
much cheaper, and also I think the sleeves are better
why put short sleeves on a cardigan??
and I have totally and utterly failed on my not spending money on anything over £20 pounds
I was doing so well
but today Ive put in 3 orders , probably spent £200
oh deario
I’m going to have no money
So my punishment from the boy
is to not buy ANYTHING for a week,
starting tomorrow
: (

Millys Money Challege!

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ello my lovelies
I have decided to set myself a money challenge!
Mainly because, I’ve been spending too much recently
and yesterday was the last straw

I received this jacket in the post
(you may recognise it from my birthday list)
I bought it, I just couldn’t resist
It was on ASOS reduced from £250 to £175
and it arrived…….
I’m going to try and wear it loads

But it also means that I’ve spent loads of money in the last few weeks
and what with my birthday and Christmas coming up
I should really be spending my money on other people
plus people will run out of things to buy for me!
(I’ve already bought the river island ankle boots with tiny studs on the front too)
(oh and the topshop pouch bag!)

so the challenge is
Between now and Christmas, I cannot buy anything for myself
that is more than £20

So I can still buy things, but just little things
and I can buy again when the sales start!
I’m really enjoying buying presents for other people at the moment though
so that should keep me satisfied!



Lust After: 21st Birthday

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So, it’s my birthday at the end of November,
I thought I would show you guys what I would love to receive in a dream world!
Lovely Leather Pouch / Duffle Bag
£40.00 Topshop
Black Leather Belt
£19.99 River Island
Worker Boots
£74.99 River Island
( O.K so I don’t need anymore worker boots, but I can dream cant I!)
Studded Leather Jacket
£200 Religion @ ASOS (reduced from £250)
Stag Skull Necklace
£21.00 Galibardy
LTD Watch
£49.00 ASOS or ShadeStation
( I love LTD, classic Watches with a twist, Like ToyWatch but cheaper)
Grey Suede Boots
£34.99 River Island
(I love them in black as well, but I’ve got a few black pairs, great price too!)
Black Studded Leather Jacket
£395 All Saints
and who said material things can’t make you happy!

What Milly Wore… and Did

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Hello Guys and Gals,
I’ve had a busy few days really
lots of uni work to do and the like!

Above is what I wore a couple of days ago:
Grey Boyfriend Beanie: ASOS
Grey Sequined Handcuff Jumper: Markus Lupfer
(yyyaaaayy yeah I know I loves it! £100 in the sale at ASOS)
Black Leather Jacket: MuuBaa
Oversized Stripey T-shirt: Horace @ ASOS
Ripped Black Jeans: Horace @ ASOS
(these jeans are amazing, they have a lining underneath so your leggypegs don’t get cold!)
Black Patent Heart Shaped Bag: Topshop

On the same day I took this picture of my boy!
I thought he was looking particularly Handsome, as his hair was nice and poofy
Yes his hair is naturally like that
and his eyes are super blue!
I bought him the jumper last Christmas for £3.00 !!! by Nanny State from D.R.Shoes

Then on Monday night I dyed my hair
And upon getting home from work on Tuesday I decided I need a photo of my new hair
I then thought i might as well do a full on makeover shoot!

Above and Below

False Eyelashes: Stargazer from New Look
Red Lip Gloss: Barry M
Gorgeous silhouette Necklace: Untamed Menagerie @ ETSY
Colour Splash Dress: Warehouse
Green Bow Belt: ASOS

I think they turned out quite well, if a little Drag Queeny,
but there’s nothing wrong with that!

And I spent today doing loads of uni work
With the help of the wonderful Tashy!
I’m doing a project on Leopard Print
And Tasha kindly let me leopard print her face!

and here are the results…


Fashion Fix: City Brogue Look

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Brogue Look

Im really into brogues right at this minute!
I bought some plain white brogues from topshop in the sale last week for £10!!
And I’m waiting for some black and white brogues from office to arrive soon!
So here is how I will wear mine!
Not with these exact items, but pretty close
REALLY lusting after that religion leather jacket though!
And sorry to include the Jessica Kagan Cushman bagle, but I couldn’t help myself!