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What Milly Wore: Reconstruction!

In ASOS, fotd, mac, make-up, mawi, maxi skirt, skull, topshop, what milly wore on August 14, 2010 at 9:02 pm
So I’m a Numpty!
I wore an outfit I loved a few days ago
but didnt get a picture,
so here is a reconstruction just for you!
You know this is how all my outfit posts would look if I didnt work full time!
I loved taking more of an effort, full face of make-up etc
and then editing them after!
I Wore:
White Vest Top – Mickey
Pirate Top – Topshop
Pearl & Skull Necklace – Mawi
Galaxy Cardigan – ASOS (last season)
Maxi Skirt – Topshop
Black Pixie Boots: River Island (last season)
urban decay book of shadows 2 – Sellout, YDK, Twice Baked
Mac Art Supplies Grease Paint Stick in Dirty (as eyeliner)
Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara
Revlon photoready foundation – shade 002 Vanilla
Too Faced Candlelight Translucent Powder
Mac Liberty Lipstick – Blooming Lovely
Only got the revlon foundation today and I love it!
I know I’m late on the bandwagon but its really good
I love a bit of shimmer me!
So yeah,
If I had the time / could be arsed this is how all my photos would look!
Have a nice weekend ladies!

My First FOTD

In fotd, make-up on July 21, 2010 at 4:54 pm
So yesterday I was pretty pleased with my hair and make-up
so I snapped a few pictures before I went to work
So this is my first FOTD!
My skin is pretty bad atm, (very red, a few spots)
So I wore full coverage foundation and powder
I Used:
Borjois Healthy Mix Foundation (palest shade)
mixed with
Gosh Liquid Foundation (palest shade)
I have found this works really well for me,
as the gosh one is a good shade for my skin, but it makes me look like a ghost
and bourjois is a little dark but adds a glow
I set this using
Too Faced Candlelight Pressed Powder
 which is seriously the best thing I have ever bought make-up wise
its a very pale gold, super shimmery powder and I love the effect it gives
I then used Estee Lauder Peach Nuance
(very similar to mac ripe peach)
to add some colour back into my cheeks
On my eyes
Too faced eye primer
3  eyeshadow colours (white, pale turquoise, and a darker turqouse)
from my 120 colour palette
Urban decay transformer potion with the darker turquoise to line the outer bottom lid
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in black on my water line
Loriel Million Lashes Mascara
(on that note, its not amazing, just another mascara)
Mac Pink Fish Lip Tint (Hello Kitty)
And Ive just bleached and pinkified my hair again
much lighter pink,
more candy flossy
I love it!
and I am still forever in a struggle to get big hair!
any comments much appreciated!

Visual Sweets: Fantasy Friday

In color, fashion, make-up, photography, portrait, visual sweets on May 14, 2010 at 9:38 pm
Oh, How I wish I was all these smushed together!

New Arrival: Topshop Make-up, Swatches & First Impressions

In make-up, new arrival, review, topshop on May 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Hi lovely readers

as you may or may not know I was super excited about Topshops new make-up range
So i placed my order on launch day and today it arrived!

Left To Right:
Lip Polish – Coral
Amazon Nails – Cloud
Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower
Skin Tint – Fair

Lip Polish – Coral

Amazon Nails – Cloud

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry

Eye Crayon – Midnight

Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light

 Lipstick Crayon – Vintage

 Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower

Skin Tint – Fair


Skin Tint – Fair

Amazon Nails – Cloud

Eye Crayon – Midnight

Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower
Lip Polish – Coral (top right)

That’s Everything!

Recommended: Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – very good colour, more of a purple based red compared to benetint etc, really lovely feel and consistency, plus staying power!
A Bit of a Let Down: Skin Tint- Fair. Totally different to the swatch on the website
Comes out pretty orange, once blended not too bad but the most expensive thing in the range at £10
Smells very floral too
Absolute Bargain:Amazon Nails – Cloud! I’m not sure if its the same for each colour but great formula opaque in one coat! easy to apply and only £5
Biggest Surprise: Both the Amazon Crayon and the Amazon Kohl, are really good, super smooth, great colour. Very like the urban decay liners or MAC pearl gliders.
Not sure it was worth it: Eye Crayon – Midnight. Its not terrible but after swatching both the amazon liners as well its just not anywhere near as good as them
It seems I liked everything from the trend range a lot better than their basics
the Amazon line is a little more, so maybe that’s where they put all the little gems?
Any thoughts?

Lust After: More News on Topshops Make-up Launch

In lust after, make-up, topshop on April 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm
Hello lovely readers,
As you may already know
I’m super excited about the upcoming launch of topshops new make-up range,
I found two articles this week that have wet my appetite even more!
Firstly here are some scans from this months Elle:
 Click to make them bigger!
Also this page from Grazia!
 So yeah,
even more exciting now
packaging looks cute, if a little cheap,
and as they are pretty trend focused, 
I’m hoping for some unique up to date products!
Prices dont look too bad either!
what do you guys think??

Lust After: Topshops New Make-Up Line!

In lust after, make-up, topshop on April 10, 2010 at 7:18 pm
Hey girlies
Just heard through topshops official blog, and a few others I read
that Topshop are launching their new cosmetic range in May!
I don’t know about you but I’m super excited!

As far as I can tell it will be made up of two lines
your make-up essentials, and your on-trend items!

Its been made with the help of make-up artist Hannah Murray
and is supposed to include ‘innovative products and colour ways’

I hope its as good as I’m imagining,
reading what they have said about it
it sounds like they have put a lot of effort into getting the formulations right!
which is crucial,
you can have all the innovation and colour you like
but if its hard to apply, streaky or chalky then it doesn’t matter!

I’m looking forward to it!

what are your thoughts?
cant wait to try?
or over the hype already?


New Arrival: Mac Haulidge! + NOTD

In haul, mac, make-up, new arrival, notd on April 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm
Good evening ladies!
I’m going to start by showing you my first ever nail of the day!
It’s Nude Beige by models own, and I love it!
I quite like the mannequin hand look, and I’m loving concealer lip too lol!
Models own polishes tend to be really good, they hardly ever chip on me,
will deffo be going back for more!
Oh and the reason I’ve never done a NOTD before,
is because I have pretty diddy stumpy nails, and child hands!
Done even get me started on my thumb nails!
Onto the Haul!
(pic heavy)
This is the order that greeted me today!
I found it so hard to choose what to get!
In the end I chose the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl,
I bought it to use as a blusher cos I’m pretty pale
The packaging is just too cute!
Its a lovely colour peachy and shimmery,
although I’m super red anyway, I’ve recently started to wear foundation
which just washes me out completely
So this should give me a bit of colour back!
As me and some of the girlies discusses in the comments of my foundation review!
I also got a lipstick in Blooming Lovely
Its a yummy mauvey colour,
a bit gagaesque!
It looks quite a bit lighter than this in R.L
Aswell as the lipstick and the face powder
I bought 2 of the Pearkglide eyeliners
and one Greasepaint stick
This is A Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline
Its black with a old gold shimmer, totally unique
I also got a pearlglide eyeliner in Industrial!
which is seriouslt the most amazing colour ever!
so hard to describe
uber shimmery teal blue,
kinda fairy like!
The swatches on temptalia show these tons better!
Last But not least
I got a Greasepaint Stick in Dirty
which is a brown taupe, with a stunning multicoloured shimmer!
phew that was a lot!
Here are my swatches,
I tried my best
Top is with flash,
bottom with natural light!
I love everything I bought
wish I would have bought some lip markers too
but not enough funds!
do you own anything from these collections??
what do you think of the mannequin hands look??
and do you know anyone with funny thumbs like me?
I’m thinking of starting a support group 😛

New Arrival: OCC Lip Tars

In make-up, new arrival, review on April 1, 2010 at 9:41 pm
So I Know I’m a little late to catch on
but today I got my hands on some Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics

I bought 4 colours,
from top to bottom:

and I tell you what,
I want more already!

I’m not a lip gloss person
I wear lipstick quite a lot,
but these are like liquid lipstick!

I didn’t want to waste all the colours on my hand
as I know that go really far
so here are them all mixed together!

I love all the colours I bought,
and am now looking to get a more lilacy colour and a pale pink!

I will deffo be going back for more!


My first Beauty Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

In beauty, make-up, review on March 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Hi guys,
The reason I am showing you the god awful picture above is today I’m doing my first review!
Ive never really ventured into the beauty blogging world before
so please bare with me!
I don’t know the correct terms for things,
but I can give my honest novices opinion, hopefully to help other newbies!
I bought the new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation & concealer, from boots yesterday!
I had seen it in magazines and saw the display,
I tested it on the back of my hand and thought it was worth a try.
I bought it with my points as well, so nothing to loose really!
As you can see my skin is very red,
in fact it can get 10 x as bad as the photo above
(and I am wearing a little light reflecting shimmer above
which seems to take away some of the redness)
I’m also quite pale, and I’m not really a foundation wearer
as I’ve never found anything I’m happy with.
Here is me with just the concealer and foundation on!
The products both smell really nice,
I’m generally really funny about strong smells,
but this was just pleasant and fresh, and the smell dissipated quite quickly.
Colour wise this is 51 the palest they had, its an OK match but not great
Its not pale enough and a bit too yellow/orange based
rather than pink beige.
Having said that I really like the consistency and coverage,
it was super easy so apply evenly even though I’m not used to foundation!
I used the concealer under my eyes and on my nose, underneath the foundation.
and here is my make-up complete!
I showed my sister during the process and she said with all my normal red tones taken away I looked to pale, so I applied some estee lauder shimmer powder and pout bronzer on top.
I feel i look a little too orangey for my liking,
but that’s a combo of the foundation and bronzer.
being naturally red I have never had use for a blusher, I seriously don’t own one,
so a blusher is now on my to buy list!
Overall , I really like this foundation, and I will persevere with it,
combining it with different powders etc to see if I can look less yellowy,
love the consistency and ease of application though!
Hope you found this interesting!
Any ideas on what colour / type / brand of blusher I should get??
Have you tried the new Bourjois foundation? what do you think?

and don’t forget to enter my



New Arrival: Alice in Wonderland by Paul & Joe

In alice in wonderland, ASOS, lipstick, make-up, nude on March 10, 2010 at 9:28 pm
Hi guys!
Other than taking pictures of myself for uni
(not just for fun *cough cough*!)
I have also been waiting for an asos order
and today it arrived!
It’s the Alice in wonderland tin by Paul & Joe
I was really gutted I didn’t get my hands on an urban decay palette
so thought I would plump for this to ease my pain!
It came in a gorgeous cardboard sleeve / box
it’s quite textured and expensive feeling
and the little illustrations are so darling!
Here’s the tin itself,
It came in two colourways,
blue packaging with a peach lipstick (which is what I went for)
and pink packaging with a pink lipstick
Open it up and inside is a blotting paper holder (with mirror)
perfect for in your handbag
Blotting paper refills
and the lipstick
The tin is pretty sturdy,
and everything feel really good quality
Here’s the lipstick
I swatched it for you
and erm there was no point showing it to you!
it is so sheer there is next to no pigment at all
just a little shimmery, felt moisturising though
and here they are in my hand for size comparison!
Overall I love it!
Its worth it for the packaging alone in my book!
its well made and so so cute!
However I was considering getting both colourways
and I’m really glad I didn’t
With the lipsticks lack of pigment, almost like a lip salve,
I assume the pink would be pretty much the same
so yeah, no need to get both!
have you considered buying it?
or do you have the urban decay palette?
(if you do I’m jealous!)