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Lust After / New Arrival: Winter Drop!

In angel jackson, ASOS, boots, leather, lust after, new arrival, studded, topshop, urban outfitters, worker boots on August 27, 2010 at 9:43 pm
OK so I totally skipped day 7 oh well!
On Sunday I tidied my entire room, which is practically unheard of
and the boyf put all my pictures up on my wall for me and I totally love it!
Heres a quick looksie at what I’ve been buying,
and what I’ve been trying not to buy this week!
Studded Boots
£50 AllSaints
Reduced fron £220!!
I luff them…. Lots
In the end I ordered this Aztec Cape / Blanket from Topshop!
It came online and a day after it sold out, it was only after it sold out I realised how much I wanted it
so when it came back into stock I ordered it straight away!
I also discovered it had been put on line in this colour too
and I couldn’t decide..
So I ordered both colours and may be sending one back once they arrive
£36 Topshop
And I thought while I was there I might as well spend enough to get free delivery right??
So I added this t-shirt
as it fulfils my loves of grey marl, oversized tees, and galaxy prints!
£22 Topshop
I also ordered these boots
Oh I love a bit of embellishment on an ankle boot!
£38 Topshop
which is pretty good for a leather boot, 
I hope they fit me!
Aztec Snood
just yummy right??
Loving aztec, intarsia, navajo patterned knits or whatever you want to call it
and I thought this would be a nice way of adding a splash 
to an otherwise plain coat or outfit!
£20 ASOS
(ASOS have 15% off own branded items atm with code AWSTYLE15)
I am trying not to buy:
Well you might notice that these are similar to the other Topshop boots I’ve ordered
I actually saw these first,
but plumped for the spangley ones in the end as always!
£35 Topshop
This item is such a bargain
I’m really trying to resist, but wow
I want it… a lot!
Butterfly Bag by my favourite bag designers Angel Jackson
£149.99 reduced from £475 !!!!!!
at Urban Outfitters
I want these quite a bit
we sell them at my work so I can get a discount on them
 and also I could wear them to work for the whole winter
how comfy and lovely
might have to get them!
£135 Fitflop Mukluk in Amethyst
I’m totally excited about winter clothes
a lot
all I need now is a faux fur hat with ears
and I’m not joking, I’m on the look out!

New Arrival: Clarks Wave Shoes

In clarks, new arrival, shoes on July 15, 2010 at 10:14 am
As you may or may not know
I work in a traditional style shoe shop that sells Clarks among other brands!
When I was at work yesterday,
we had a delivery of shoes that I got quite excited about!
Clarks wave are another one of those concept shoes!
Clarks focus on the fact that they are comfortable and enable you to work further
They are comparable to the likes of Sketchers toning range,
fitflops, and mbts
I’ve been a great fan of fitflops for 3 years now,
although I own over 100 pairs of shoes
 I do find it difficult to find something truly comfortable,
and that’s what I found with fitflops
the downside to that is that they are a summer toe-post
they make wintery cloggs and ugg boot styles but not a proper shoe!
For me Clarks Wave fill that gap!
I chose a style Called ‘ Clarks Echo Wave’
In my opinion they don’t look too bad at all
usually anything with a toning, comfort or ‘rocker sole’ emphasis end up looking rather ugly
almost orthopaedic *cough MBT*
but although these look chunky, they are actually pretty non-descript
which I like for work
They retail for £54.99
and they do other womens styles
and mens styles too!
So I got myself a pair!
I wore them just to the corner shop and back and they are so comfy!
obviously the proper test will be wearing them all day at work etc
but they are instantly comfy when you put them on
as far as I’m aware clarks haven’t done much advertising about them
which I think is a shame
because fitflops and sketchers are selling crazy well, 
and I’m sure people would jump on the wave bandwagon too!
So yeah,
I will let you all know how I got on with them!
What do you think??
do you like the idea?
do you think they are ugly?
would you wear them?
p.s although I work in a shoe shop selling Clarks I am not affiliated with them in any way, I paid for these shoes out of my own pocket, and decided to blog about them purely because I like them!

New Arrivals: Summer Sales

In ASOS, denim, dress, fashionology, geek chic, new arrival, skull, studded, topshop on July 9, 2010 at 11:12 pm
This week had been pretty good for sale shopping,
not so good for my bank balance!
I have bought:
Dolly Flats £20 Office,
have been wearing my polkadot ones from a few months ago and they are so comfy!

Gladiator Jelly Shoes £5 Office Sale
I’m pretty excited about these
bought this same design in gold leathert 2 years ago and love them!
hope these are as comfy

Bandau Net Dress £15 Vero Moda – ASOS sale
Cant wait to try this on,
not my normal style but I fancied something pretty and feminine

Boyfrield Shorts £16 Gap ASOS Sale
In sire need of denim shorts that fit
ordered this in a size 14 and am praying they will look nice!

Bow Shoulder Printed Dress £21 ASOS Sale
Im finding printed dresses really suit me atm
kinda 50’s retro
should be nice!

Floral Dungarees £20 ASOS sale
Oh Em Gee
these are amazing!
Ive ordered a 12 and a 14 to see if either fit
just cos I knew I’d be gutted if they didnt fit
and the size I would want to swap for was sold out!
decided to order both and send one back

Spike Necklace £5 ASOS Sale
I’ve been seeing spiked jewelery everywhere
 and I want me some of that action!

Geek Glasses £7 ASOS Sale
I love a bit of geek chic
cant resist a new pair of glasses!

Bird Skull Silver Plated Necklace €25
saw this on a blog and fell in love,
such an amazing brand, you should deffo check them out

Sterling Silver Talon Ring €35

(Please Excuse Blurry Thumbnails, forgot to save big pictures at the time)

Summer Dress £15 Topshop Sale

Summer Dress £15 Topshop Sale

Summer Dress £12 Topshop Sale

Summer Dress £12 Topshop Sale

Decided to wear more dresses in summer
so went a bit overboard!

Navy Bow Coat £35 Topshop Sale
Love this, wanted a navy coat last winter and never got one
off season is a great time to get things like this
 as you can get a good bargain

Cupcake Jumper £20 Topshop Sale

Eiffel Tower Jumper £12 Topshop Sale

Jersey Skirt £12 Topshop Sale

Studded Denim Skirt £20 Topshop Sale

And a pair of boots from the River Island sale!
couldnt find a picture 😦

phewww I’m all shopped out
…. for now!

seriously though

Im gonna go back to the £25 a week rule now!

have you guys got any good sale items?
anything I’ve bought that you own / want??


Lust After: Topshops new A/W collection!

In leather, new arrival, studded, topshop on June 30, 2010 at 7:49 am
so we all know I love a bit of topshop
and over the last few days I’ve seen a couple of posts including pictures of their new collection
and I was in love!
So as not to bore you with a repeat post of all the new piccies
I have decided to pic out my faves
and rave to you about what I like so much about it!
yum yum
what a combo!
I’m a huge fan of leather,
bags, boots, jackets etc!
So I’m tres excited about military boots still being around
especially combined witth a leather jacket,
underwear as outerwear dress
and AMAZING studded leather hat!
Did I mention this hat is amazing,
I seriously LOVE it!
I dunno how expensive its going to be
 but if its not ridiculous,
Im gonna get it!
O.K 3 things I like about this image!
1. Hat with ears I love hats with ears,
I own a few so I cant wait to get them out again!
2. Chunky knitted scarves, I had to get one hand knitted last year 
because I couldnt find one chunky enough,
so hopefully there will be more around this year
3. Leopard print (fake) fur coat! I have one, and I love mine
lots and lots and lots
victorian boots,
victorian dress
and a crazy studded jacket!
yes please!
Item wise,
these are a few that stood out to me!
This coat is amaze
I assume its fake,
but i like that it looks kinda real
with the different hues and whatnot!
I think this is the jacket from the other pic,
I love studds,
and leather jackets
so any combo of the two is great,
especially when its a leather denim look gilet!
I have wanted to make one of these ripped t-shirts for so long
but apparently its a real pain in the arse,
and tres time consuming
so topshop have done it for us!
Oh Wow
Studded cardigan waistcoat
words cannot describe,
wonder if it will be heavy??
Military Cape
I really wanted a cape last year but didnt get one,
There was a duffle cape on ASOS but I didnt get it cos it never went in the sale!
So yeah I think thats on my list this year!
Hope you enjoyed,
let me know what you guys think of it!!

New Arrival: Topshop Make-up, Swatches & First Impressions

In make-up, new arrival, review, topshop on May 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Hi lovely readers

as you may or may not know I was super excited about Topshops new make-up range
So i placed my order on launch day and today it arrived!

Left To Right:
Lip Polish – Coral
Amazon Nails – Cloud
Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower
Skin Tint – Fair

Lip Polish – Coral

Amazon Nails – Cloud

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry

Eye Crayon – Midnight

Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light

 Lipstick Crayon – Vintage

 Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower

Skin Tint – Fair


Skin Tint – Fair

Amazon Nails – Cloud

Eye Crayon – Midnight

Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower

Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – Bitten Berry
Eye Crayon – Midnight
Amazon Metallic Kohl Liner – First Light
Lipstick Crayon – Vintage
Amazon Crayon – Sun Shower
Lip Polish – Coral (top right)

That’s Everything!

Recommended: Amazon Lip & Cheek Tint – very good colour, more of a purple based red compared to benetint etc, really lovely feel and consistency, plus staying power!
A Bit of a Let Down: Skin Tint- Fair. Totally different to the swatch on the website
Comes out pretty orange, once blended not too bad but the most expensive thing in the range at £10
Smells very floral too
Absolute Bargain:Amazon Nails – Cloud! I’m not sure if its the same for each colour but great formula opaque in one coat! easy to apply and only £5
Biggest Surprise: Both the Amazon Crayon and the Amazon Kohl, are really good, super smooth, great colour. Very like the urban decay liners or MAC pearl gliders.
Not sure it was worth it: Eye Crayon – Midnight. Its not terrible but after swatching both the amazon liners as well its just not anywhere near as good as them
It seems I liked everything from the trend range a lot better than their basics
the Amazon line is a little more, so maybe that’s where they put all the little gems?
Any thoughts?

New Arrival: too many nail varnishes!

In chanel, nail varnish, new arrival on May 7, 2010 at 9:48 pm
Hi guys,
just taking a break from essay writing to do a quick post for you!
I have bought a lot of nail varnishes recently!
Here are 10 I’ve bought within the last 2 weeks!
Left Hand Clockwise from thumb:
Revlon 028 Minted
O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender
Nails Inc (Diet Coke) Paris
Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Revlon Lilac Pastille
R to L (oops!)  :
Revlon 028 Minted
O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender
Nails Inc (Diet Coke) Paris
Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Revlon Lilac Pastille
Right Hand Clockwise from pinkie:
O.P.I Mod About You
O.P.I Coney Island Cotton Candy
O.P.I Dating A Royal
O.P.I Done out in Deco
Nails inc (Diet Coke) London
R to L (oops!):
O.P.I Mod About You
O.P.I Coney Island Cotton Candy
O.P.I Dating A Royal
O.P.I Done out in Deco
Nails inc (Diet Coke) London
Recommended: Chanel Nouvelle Vague (I know there’s loads of hype, but it really is lovely on!)
A Bit of a Let Down: O.P.I Coney Island Cotton Candy ( such a nice colour but took literally 6 coats to make opaque!)
Absolute Bargain: Nails Inc Paris & London (great colours, and fab application, free with two bottles of diet coke at boots! deffo worth it, will be going back for the other two!)
Biggest Surprise: O.P.I Mod About You ( opaque in one coat! very chuffed with that!)
Not sure they were worth it: Revlon Minted & Lilac Pastille ( not very opaque at all, and the lilac is more of a pale pink to me, and I have better mint greens, like Barry m)
Phew that’s it,
I’ve also got quite a few china glaze on the way which I’m excited about!
Hope you like this post,
I would love to hear what you guys think!

New Arrival: Mac Haulidge! + NOTD

In haul, mac, make-up, new arrival, notd on April 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm
Good evening ladies!
I’m going to start by showing you my first ever nail of the day!
It’s Nude Beige by models own, and I love it!
I quite like the mannequin hand look, and I’m loving concealer lip too lol!
Models own polishes tend to be really good, they hardly ever chip on me,
will deffo be going back for more!
Oh and the reason I’ve never done a NOTD before,
is because I have pretty diddy stumpy nails, and child hands!
Done even get me started on my thumb nails!
Onto the Haul!
(pic heavy)
This is the order that greeted me today!
I found it so hard to choose what to get!
In the end I chose the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl,
I bought it to use as a blusher cos I’m pretty pale
The packaging is just too cute!
Its a lovely colour peachy and shimmery,
although I’m super red anyway, I’ve recently started to wear foundation
which just washes me out completely
So this should give me a bit of colour back!
As me and some of the girlies discusses in the comments of my foundation review!
I also got a lipstick in Blooming Lovely
Its a yummy mauvey colour,
a bit gagaesque!
It looks quite a bit lighter than this in R.L
Aswell as the lipstick and the face powder
I bought 2 of the Pearkglide eyeliners
and one Greasepaint stick
This is A Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline
Its black with a old gold shimmer, totally unique
I also got a pearlglide eyeliner in Industrial!
which is seriouslt the most amazing colour ever!
so hard to describe
uber shimmery teal blue,
kinda fairy like!
The swatches on temptalia show these tons better!
Last But not least
I got a Greasepaint Stick in Dirty
which is a brown taupe, with a stunning multicoloured shimmer!
phew that was a lot!
Here are my swatches,
I tried my best
Top is with flash,
bottom with natural light!
I love everything I bought
wish I would have bought some lip markers too
but not enough funds!
do you own anything from these collections??
what do you think of the mannequin hands look??
and do you know anyone with funny thumbs like me?
I’m thinking of starting a support group 😛

New Arrival: OCC Lip Tars

In make-up, new arrival, review on April 1, 2010 at 9:41 pm
So I Know I’m a little late to catch on
but today I got my hands on some Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics

I bought 4 colours,
from top to bottom:

and I tell you what,
I want more already!

I’m not a lip gloss person
I wear lipstick quite a lot,
but these are like liquid lipstick!

I didn’t want to waste all the colours on my hand
as I know that go really far
so here are them all mixed together!

I love all the colours I bought,
and am now looking to get a more lilacy colour and a pale pink!

I will deffo be going back for more!


New Arrival: Nail Varnish, Nudes and Nylons!

In alice in wonderland, chanel, make-up, nail varnish, new arrival, new look, nude, o.p.i, skull, tights, topshop on March 7, 2010 at 6:42 pm
ello tink
how are we all this fine Sunday??
Thought I would show you guys some recent purchases of mine!
Went on a little O.P.I kick!
found a really good store on ebay
I bought L to R:
Tickle my Francey
My Private Jet
Absolutely Alice
Mad as a Hatter
Rapidry Topcoat
I larf them all,
I especially am in love with mad as a hatter
my god its the glitteriest thing I have ever seen
however it was a NIGHTMARE to get off
Nail varnish remover didn’t do a lot,
so I resorted to picking it off
and it took half the top layer of my nails with it!
So now they are all uneven and bumpy 😦
thought I would show you how I store my polishes
I know its not the most organised of collections,
but I love my paul frank pouch and had to put it to use!
Talking of nail varnish,
when looking through my mothers nail polish box I found these
and she hardly ever wears nail varnish,
and I’m sure I haven’t seen her wear these colours even though they are pretty old
So I have borrowed them 🙂
and I cant believe I forgot to take a picture
I love it,
I know I’m buying into all the hype
but its such a nice colour
I was on a waiting list for a few weeks from my local Chanel counter
and she phoned me and I went and got it!
I got a little white Chanel paper bag too,
I had a perma-smile for about 2 days!
anyway back to my new arrivals
I got this trompe l’oeil inspired dress from oasis
Its soo cute,
very comfy and easy to wear
I bought it in black with a white print as well!
I got this over sized jumper from New Look
I love its fairytale theme,
and of course nude colouring again!
It even has pearls sewn onto the frame!
I also bought it in grey,
Its over sized so I bought the size down,
Its also slightly cropped
last but not least
I bought these skirts from topshop
I bought the green one first and then went back for the black and grey/lilac
they are made from nylon and elastane
they are almost like thick tights material!
the come in one size,
and they are amazingly stretchy,
they are a really versatile design, you can wear them as a high waisted skirt, t-shirt tucked in
pull them down for a knee length pencil
or ruche it up for a mini!

phew that’s it for now guys,
don’t forget to scroll down and enter my 50 followers giveaway!

New Arrival: Make-up and More!

In chanel, leather, make-up, new arrival, polka-dot, snood, tights, tkmaxx, worker boots on February 12, 2010 at 10:54 pm
Hello ladies,
Its struck me in the last few days that I’ve bought quite a few things in the last couple of weeks
And strangely for me, a lot of it has been make-up!
So I thought I would share with you what I’ve been buying
Above is all the make-up!
5 lipsticks
6 Nail Varnishes
9 Make-up Brushes
Got loads of new Brushes
the white ones are models own, I’m really pleased with them considering how cheap they are
The silver are Ruby and Millie
and the wiggly black ones are Sonia Kashuk from SpaceNK
love the brushes, but they took forever to arrive and spaceNK charge a lot for postage.
Nail Varnishes,
Im loving the Greige trend, started by Chanel’s elusive colour Particuliere
Models own had 50 percent off a couple of weeks ago
so I took full advantage and bought a lot including these 4 nail varnishes,
the 3 brushes and a little pot of loose navy eyeshadow.
I also bought this colour by Essie – Chinchilly
the Chanel jade green dupe by Barry M
and not pictured OPI’s you Don’t know Jaques
I bought my first lot of illamasqua too,
they had a 50% off section
So i bought 3 cream eyeshadows
In a shimmery white, taupey grey and black
I really like them, but have had trouble stopping them slide around my face, any tips?
I’ve also bought some lipsticks,
3 from Barry m, in pale pink, lavender and nude
and a nude one from illamasqua also in the sale
I love love love the three Barry m lipsticks, really moisturizing and fab colours
I love the colour of the illamasqua one, but I’ve broken it already
Its all wibbly wobbly at the base, so I think I’ve managed to snap it
which is weird cos I’ve never broken a lipstick in my life 😦
I don’t know what to do with it now, any ideas?
I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw Henry Holland tights in TKMAXX
Above are just three, but I ended up buying 9 pairs in the end
Loads of designs in blue pink and purple.
They are actually super comfy too, they feel good quality.
I also bought more tights from H&M and am planning a tights post!
I got this spotty dress from New Look, should have been £28
but it was reduced to £20 and i got 20% student discount on top of that.
Also I bought a new snood from Topshop
I love the nude colour and its really long
perfect for my how to wear a snood post!
I got an Eiffel tower t-shirt from topshop
using a voucher that I got for my birthday off a lovely friendling
Still a sucker for spots,
I couldn’t resist this top/dress from River island,
I love the style and frilly hem
just wish it was a bit longer
And just in case you were wondering,
I decided to keep these boots in the end
I love them, and have worn them quite a few times already!
I also spotted Ugly Betty series 3 for £17.99 on and I had to get it
I now own all 3 series, perfect for a girly night in
I have bought a lot,
and that’s not even all of it,
Night Night girlies