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What Milly Wore: Days 4, 5 & 6

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Good afternoon dear readers of mine
Coming up is a bumper post of outfits I’ve worn for days 4, 5 and 6!
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take pictures on days 4 and 5
so I lovingly recreated them this morning!

On Day 4 I Wore:
Grey Horseshoe T-shirt: Vero Moda @ ASOS (Sale)
Spotty Bag: River Island
Owl Necklace: Primark
Jeggings Skirt: New Look £5
Leggings: Topshop

Tan Cloggs: Clarks Sale £29.99

Day 5 I Wore:
Custom Printed Pirate Ship Hoody: Queen of Hearts Apparel on Etsy!
Denim Pinafore dress: Topshop Sale
Leopard Print Scarf: Ebay
Leggings: Topshop
Brown  Leather Worker Boots: River Island
Studded Bag: Topshop
Kinda a reworking on THIS outfit from October Last Year
On Day 6 (Today) I am Wearing:
 Pyrple Leather Jacket: Topshop (ebay)
Black Cobweb Snood: Topshop (sale)
Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Outfitters

Grey Deer Vest: Oasis @ ASOS (sale)
Mauve Stretchy Bodycon Skirt: Topshop £25
Leggings: Topshop
Studded Worker Boots: £75 ASOS!
Wow that took forever but I’m glad I made the effort!
What do you think of my make-up today??
Made an extra effort following a smokey eye tutorial, 
don’t think it came out too bad really!
Have an amazing weekend!
unfortunately after tomorrows wmw,
its back to posting once or twice a week as I’m back at work full time
But I hope you’ve enjoyed the increase in posts for this week!

What Milly Wore: Sunny Days

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Good afternoon launder’ettes!
Well its been lovely weather here in sunny old Droitwich,
for about 2 weeks, its unheard of!
Unfortunatly I have been working full time,
So not enough days to wear fab outfits!
however here are I couple I have worn over the last week!
Peach Feather Print Dress: Bank £15 (sale)
Yellow Leather Bag: Tula (from my work £65 reduced from £120)
Brown Belt: Jocasi £30 ASOS (sale)
Gladiator Sandals: Pikolinos (from my work around £60)
Magnifying Glass Necklace: Elsiebelle
Sunglasses: Rayban
Grecian Dress: River Island ( sale about 2 years ago)
Ring: Calvin Klein (£15 reduced from £75)
Bag: Topshop
Silver Rubber Sandals: Ipanemas (From Debenams £12 last year)
I cant help but feel like I look kinda chunky in that last picture!
I’ve put on a stone in about 6 months,
and I’m not keen on it really!
Starting to not be able to fit into my skinny jeans
The only solution is to stop eating so much crap
and get off my arse and excercise
and I’m not sure I can be bothered!
Oh and on my camera I found this picture I took of the boy
I think hes tres gorge,
I wish I had hair like that!
He’s acrtually gonna kill me!
have a good sunday!

What Milly Wore: Lazy Sunday

In ASOS, cardigan, duffle, new look, next, river island, siren, skull, studded, topshop, ugg, what milly wore on January 24, 2010 at 10:26 pm
Hello readers!
Well today was a lovely day off!
I just went round the boy’s house to play computer games!
And he kindly took some pictures for me
to show you guys today’s outfit!
Today I wore:
Yellow Duffle: Next
Black and White Arm Warmers: River Island
Cream Bag: Topshop (sale last year)
Baggy Boyfriend Jeans: New Look
Gold Uggs: Ugg Australia from ASOS
Studded T-shirt: River Island
Skull Cardigan: Siren
Here’s the back of the cardi,
Isn’t it amazing, I love all of sirens cardis,
they are all really quirky and fun
I really liked today’s outfit,
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I always wear skinny jeans or leggings
never baggy jeans
I just felt like wearing them today
super comfy, and kinda cool with uggs!

I also wore a full face of make-up
including foundation and bronzer!
I don’t know what came over me!

see you tomorrow!

What Milly Wore: Dingledodies

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Why hello, wasn’t expecting to see you here 🙂
Today I went to the boys house, and watched the new Russell Howard DVD
called Dingledodies, hence the title!
I Wore:
Blue Swing Jacket with Jaguar Pin: River Island (sale £35 reduced from £70)
love this jacket, has no way of fastening though, I like to use a giant safety pin to keep it closed
Blue and Pink Scarf: Vintage
Skinny Jeans: ASOS (£18 in the sale) new today, size 12 petite, fit like a glove!
I find it so hard to find jeans that fit, I was amazing when these were perfect,
however I also got the same pair in a different finish, in regular not petite,
and they were FAR to tight, which I found super odd!
Purple Leather Boots: Red Or Dead @ Schuh in the Sale
Black Quilted Duffle Bag: Urban Oufitters (sale)

I also have new hair, waddaya think?
It looks way better with product in, but I couldn’t be bothered today,
quite asymmetrical and pink!

Under my coat I wore:
Pink & Turquoise Lumberjack Shirt : H&M
Snuggly Knitted Cardigan: New Look
I love this cardi, its very similar to one my nan used to wear when I was little!
I’m so glad to be back to blogging again,
I missed it loads!

Oh an the new series of ANTM starts tonight, I’m well excited!


New Arrival: Leopard Print Puffa, and Bling for my Boots

In ASOS, HandM, leather, leopard, new arrival, office, river island, studded, topshop, worker boots on December 12, 2009 at 9:11 pm
Now before you think I’ve turned into an extra off Eastenders hear me out!
My name is Milly, and I bought a Leopard Print Puffa Jacket.
I’m not proud of myself
but I couldn’t resist!
It was half price in H&M for £15
I love leopard print, and I know its chavvy,
But its so horrible and tacky, that its gorgeous!
Also Ive been after a pair of boots with a chain on for ages,
Like the ones above from Kurt Geiger,
But I don’t really need another pair of boots like those
I also liked these ones again with the chain,
But I had some pretty similar
But I solved my dilemma
With some boot ‘riders’,
courtesy of 2Bandits!
I don’t know, why somebody in the U.K hasn’t come up with these
such a simple but clever idea
£34.99 River Island (this Season)
They are a leather strap with chains and a buckle,
to put round any boots of your choice!
They cost $70 for a pair (about £40)
not cheap, but well worth it
They literally transform any boot you put them on
they come in a variety of leather colours and chain colours,
to mach what you already own
£75 Office ( This Season)
I’d been looking for some sort of boot cuff or strap
just to add to my collection of boots,
but I couldn’t find any anywhere at all
£80 reduced to £20 Topshop (last Year)
Then I came across
really cute designs,
and I cant find anything like them by anybody else
£80 ASOS (This Season)
As you can see they fit, an look great on all of my boots
I literally want to wear them every day
and they go really well with my religion leather jacket
£25 Topshop (from eBay)
I am seriously so chuffed to bits with them,
I’m thinking about getting another pair in black and silver.

Talking of boots, I’m getting these for Christmas
(they are reduced to £195 and my mum and I are paying half each)
Seriously so excited, they are my dream boots!
Ive ordered them into the shop to try next week
I really hope they fit, or I might cry!

What Milly Wore: to go to Argos

In american apparel, ASOS, boots, coatigan, leather jacket, Mary-Kate Olsen, monsoon, river island, what milly wore on December 3, 2009 at 9:47 pm
evenin‘ all
Well today was a bit weird, totally overslept and missed my lecture
but to make up for it I did some work, more on that later!
Well it was chilly outside this evening,
and I needed to walk to Argos to get a new tripod!
Here is what I wore:
Panda Hat: River Island
Studded Leather Jacket: Religion (trying to wear it as much as possible)
Marc Jacobs Style Bag: Market Stall
Bleached Jeans: River Island
Purple Boots: Red or Dead
Hand Warmers: New look ( a couple of years ago £1 )
Mohair Eternity Scarf: Juuls (as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen! expensive but lovely)
Underneath I Wore:
My favourite Grey Cardigan: American apparel (unisex)
Two Tone Bodycon Dress: American Apparel
And here is the lovely Mary-Kate wearing my scarf!
this pic is a good few years old but I think its my favourite of her!

and here is the work I was talking about earlier!
Here is my first Panorama!
Its only test shots, to see if i could do it, and it worked!
Quite chuffed with myself
Just finished moving rooms and got a new bed yesterday so thought I would show you guys my room!
Its not sorted/tidy, but all the furniture is in the right place now!

I love the above cardigan,
I was soooo close to ordering it, I saw a girl wearing it the other day
it looked so good,
I was having a snoop around to see if I could find it or similar,
and this is the exact one
£75 Monsoon
I ordered this one instead
I actually like the other one more,
But this one was £40 ASOS
much cheaper, and also I think the sleeves are better
why put short sleeves on a cardigan??
and I have totally and utterly failed on my not spending money on anything over £20 pounds
I was doing so well
but today Ive put in 3 orders , probably spent £200
oh deario
I’m going to have no money
So my punishment from the boy
is to not buy ANYTHING for a week,
starting tomorrow
: (

What Milly Wore: Winters Here

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ello my lovelies,
Its been getting mighty chilly here in little old Droitwich
So here are a couple of outfits I’ve worn.

Here I wore:
Grey Horse Jumper: River Island, SALE (has tassels down the sleeves!)
Plain Black Long T-shirt: New Look (probably)
Brown Leather Jacket With Hood: Topshop
Denim Skirt: Ebay
Grey Knee Socks: American Apparel ( folded down)
Brown Worker Boots: River Island ( finally broke them in)
Snake Print Bag: Marc B @ ASOS
Trusty Black Leggings: Topshop

And this is me today!

Black Cardi With lurex Thread: Topshop (new)
Black Wolf t-shirt: Heaven Sent @ Bank (new)
Leopard Dress (underneath): Topshop (for my 18th birthday 3 years ago!)
Black Distressed Leggings: Zara
Black Suede Boots: Office (this season)
Knitted Bear hat: River Island

I wasn’t originally wearing the wolf t-shirt on top of my dress
but i got cold, and it didn’t look awful!

Also look who has my hat…..

and yes, she did have the hat before I got it!
but I had seen it before and thought it was cute!


Lust After: 21st Birthday

In ASOS, bag, leather, leather jacket, lust after, religion, river island, studded, topshop, worker boots on November 7, 2009 at 10:09 pm
So, it’s my birthday at the end of November,
I thought I would show you guys what I would love to receive in a dream world!
Lovely Leather Pouch / Duffle Bag
£40.00 Topshop
Black Leather Belt
£19.99 River Island
Worker Boots
£74.99 River Island
( O.K so I don’t need anymore worker boots, but I can dream cant I!)
Studded Leather Jacket
£200 Religion @ ASOS (reduced from £250)
Stag Skull Necklace
£21.00 Galibardy
LTD Watch
£49.00 ASOS or ShadeStation
( I love LTD, classic Watches with a twist, Like ToyWatch but cheaper)
Grey Suede Boots
£34.99 River Island
(I love them in black as well, but I’ve got a few black pairs, great price too!)
Black Studded Leather Jacket
£395 All Saints
and who said material things can’t make you happy!

What Milly Wore: Tuesday night, pizza night!

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So this is what I wore Yesterday,
To go to the boys house for pizza!

Amazing silky raw edge scarf: River Island
Navy Shirt Dress: River Island (bought it in white as well)
Black leather biker bag: Angel Jackson
Blue Black bleached effect leggings: New Look
Tan Heeled Brogues: Manas (Italian leather from my work! In the sale for £19.99 from £85)

isn’t the scarf yummy??
Its massive, red, cream and blue, with a photographic feathery tribe and chain print.

And those shoes were bargainous, and super comfy
The laces make them stay on well
very granny chic!


What Milly Wore: Trying out new clothes!

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This is Sundays what I wore post
Fancied trying out some of my new bits and pieces,
this is kinda my worker boots outfit,
without the worker boots!

Yellow and black lumberjack shirt: H&M (lovely, cosy and lined)
Aztec print t-shirt: Topshop (sale)
Bleached skinny jeans: River Island ( have an amazing studded skull on the pocket)
Leather Converse style hi-tops: Ash (worth £125, bought from tkmaxx for £25)
Biker Bag: Angel Jackson (£180)

Ahh couldn’t wait to use this bag,
you may notice it is the exact bag from my blog header!
I’ve been lusting after it for ages
you may also notice from a couple of posts back that I already own it in black
but the black one was second hand off eBay
So it wasn’t quite the same as buying a brand new designer bag for real!

Saved up for a little while,
found there was 30% off on their website!
Just couldn’t resist,
Also got my mum to order me another Angel Jackson bag for my birthday!
(its ages away but couldn’t miss the 30% off)
And I got a free wallet worth £100

Might have to do a dedicated Angel Jackson post soon!

These are my new leather Hi-tops by ASH
I’ve loved their trainers for ages,
but always thought they were a bit overpriced,
When I found these in tkmaxx, I couldnt believe it!
They only had size 4, and I’m a 4.5 so usually end up with a 5
so I wasn’t hopefull, but I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly!

I was so excited I bought two more pairs, satin low tops in red and in yellow!
Not sure whether to crystal them, keep them or sell them yet!

Last but not least
Here is a picture of my foot next to the boys!
it made me chuckle, I’m a 4.5 and he’s an 11!
Im 5ft2 and he’s 6ft!

yay little and large!

night night!